In today’s publishing world, if you’re writing any kind of non-fiction book, you need a proposal.

(And, because the publishing landscape is changing, even fiction writers are starting to need proposals, too.)

It’s the #1 way to impress agents and land a book deal. In fact, it’s the only way.

Can you write a proposal by yourself? Yes, you definitely can.

If you’re used to writing pitches and articulating your ideas succinctly and powerfully, you can easily craft one.

A book proposal is like an RFP (translation: request for proposal) or a pitch.

But what I’ve seen is that writers start out with lots of enthusiasm - they open a fresh Word doc, download a sample proposal, review what’s required, and begin.

Yet, once they dig in, they have a lot of questions. What’s the best way to express their ideas? What kind of competitive titles should they list? What kind of platform do they have?

What is a platform anyway??

Is their writing good enough?

How do you know exactly what agents and editors are looking for?

When you hit these roadblocks, your drive starts to fizzle.

You wonder where to turn for answers.  Online searches don’t help enough.

Slowly, your best intentions for your book proposal - and your book - start to fade.

It can be frustrating, I know.

But when you have help writing a proposal, you shortcut these issues. You don’t fizzle out part way through. You stay on track. You get answers to your questions. You get feedback on your book.

And, because of the accountability piece, you do it much faster than you would on your own. Best of all, you make it all the way to the end of the process!

You succeed because you have an experienced guide to help you - and I’m with you through every part of the book proposal.

When you create a book proposal that you’re sure about, you also create a foolproof map for yourself: you’ll know exactly what to do once it’s time to write the book.

You have the opportunity to really make your book project shine. Not just for yourself, but for agents and editors, too.

That’s incredibly valuable.

I’ve seen countless authors go through the pain and frustration of trying to complete their book proposal alone.

That’s why I created a 14+ week coaching program to help you develop a great book proposal. It is a step-by-step process that helps you craft your message, story, or vision into a proposal that agents and editors are excited to buy.

It’s a fast track to getting your proposal done. It’s a guarantee that your book idea doesn’t end up in a drawer somewhere, collecting dust.

Because when you’re sure of your idea, your know your story, your audience and your market, then your proposal rises to the top of the pile.

It might even skip the pile and go straight into an editor’s hands.

Note that this is not a program for dabblers or “Sunday writers.” I don’t want to see your journal entries or blog posts from the last decade!

This is a program for people who are burning to write their book and share their insights, their method or their story.

You know your book will benefit thousands -- or even hundreds of thousands -- of readers all over the world.

Over the weeks we work together, we do as much writing as possible during class. This helps to maximize your time - something we’re all short on - and minimize distractions.

There’s also coworking hours to work in, an online group to get the support of your peers, and hot-seats so you can ask additional questions.

This means every hour you invest in this program is one less hour you need to spend on your own, questioning the proposal process.

It’s an intensive program, and I only take a handful of people at a time. I also only take people whose ideas have a good shot at selling. (If you’re not sure if that’s you, fill out the application form below and let’s find out!)

Right now, I’m taking names for the next program.

Fill out the application form and I’ll send you the details. I’d love to help you write a proposal that you feel confident taking out into the market (and proud of!).

And, I’d love to see you finish it soon!


Book a call below and let's see if it's a good fit for you.

What Sebene Selassie Says

"I took the Book Proposal Academy in 2018 and I want to recommend it to anyone who is even considering taking it. I had been working on a book proposal for a year beforehand and getting nowhere fast... Joelle knew how to guide people through this process... It worked perfectly… My proposal went to auction and I was able to get a high 5-figure deal with a Big-5 publisher. I recommend this course and Joelle highly!"


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